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 Two Player “Futureman” Album release

The debut album from Two Player - “Futureman” - dropped Tuesday February 26th! Pick up your copy on vinyl below and listen on Spotify, iTunes and everywhere else!


“FUTUREMAN” Deluxe Package

  1. “Futureman” on limited-edition vinyl, autographed (1 of 100)

  2. Lyric sheet & personalized note from Hoag Kepner (singer / lyricist)

  3. “Two Player” t-shirt (green or black design)

  4. Entry into grand prize drawing to with the “Futureman” helmet!


“FUTUREMAN” Vinyl Package

  1. “Futureman” on limited-edition vinyl, autographed (1 of 100)

  2. Lyric sheet & personalized note from Hoag Kepner (singer / lyricist)

  3. Entry into grand prize drawing to with the “Futureman” helmet!




Two Player is an Austin-based power duo featuring brothers Hoag (drums/lead vocals) and Bonesaw (guitar). Formed in 2018, these former frontmen of Full Service combine progressive rhythms with exciting, complex lead guitar work and dulcet vocal acrobatics, all disguised and packaged into lean, savory arrangements. It's a touch of math rock and a spoonful of pop, with a live performance that showcases the brothers' deep and unrivaled chemistry and musical eccentricity.



3601 Wilson St.
Austin, TX 78704





These songs would not sound like they do if it wasn’t for Hoag and The Dream. He’s an amazing musician, engineer, and producer. Thank you so much for your hard work, Hoag!
— Reid Umstattd

Tucked away in the heart of south Austin, we are a full-service shop offering professional engineering, mixing, session-performance, and mastering. We use Pro Tools 2019 and top-of-the line analog emulation plug-ins during the mixing process (Universal Audio and Slate, mostly), and we have a wide range of instruments, amplifiers, microphones, drums, and percussion available for use. If you have specific questions concerning gear and what you’ll need before recording with us, just ask!

We know recording can be an intimidating process, but here at The Dream we like to keep the atmosphere relaxed and fun, and our aesthetic reflects that. A silly dog named Izzy roams the big yard out front, where sprawling fig trees adorn the facade. Inside the recording space itself are funky book shelves filled with hundreds of books that run the entire length of the ceiling and down each corner of the room, doubling as sound diffusers that help properly treat the room acoustically. Even our “microphone locker room” hanging on the wall adds to the charm of the place, while also serving an acoustic purpose (again, diffusion).

At the same time, however, we know it’s not all fun and games. We understand you’ve put a lot of work into preparing to come into the studio to record, and that you’ve likely saved up some hard-earned money. As such, we take the work seriously and like to move quickly and with great focus. We strive to be adaptable, reliable, available for creative input, and— when it’s needed—even your shoulder to cry on (hey, it happens). This is to ensure that your project sustains a lively momentum and stays on budget.

Hoag is the lead recording and mixing engineer here at The Dream and is also a drummer (Full Service, Two Player, Seaweed Sandwich) should you require his drumming services for your project. He is also available for hire as a producer—an “ear”— who can help make creative decisions that will turn your “album” into your “Dream Album”.

Bonesaw (Hoag’s brother and bandmate, and The Dream’s resident “gear fixer” and property manager) is also a guitar player whose tasty licks are for hire. Bonesaw is likely to pop his head into a session every now and then and say something along the lines of “Yo! How’s the sesh goin’? Makin’ history in here or what? Anybody need any coffee before I head out for a swim??” (He makes a STRONG cup of coffee. And he swims a lot).

Take a look at the pricing guidelines below, and we hope to work with you soon!

(These are our standard rates. They may be lower for projects of a smaller scope).

Studio Booking Fee

Full Day (6-8 hours) - $200 Half-Day (3-4 hours) - $100

Engineering Fee $40/hr

Producing Fee


Mixing Fee $40/hr

Mastering Fee $50/song

Drum Performance Fee $100/song

Contact: / 215-317-6435